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Weekly Schedule

We run jiu jitsu classes every day in morning, mid-day, & evening time slots. Class descriptions are below. Be sure to read our article, "What to Know when Attending Your First Class."

Schedule changes are rare, but they do occur. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see all of our latest updates, including schedule changes. Come train!



A gi jiu jitsu class is held in the traditional kimono uniform. Students bring their own gis & belts, but free loaner uniforms are available for new students trying out class. Instruction typically lasts 60 minutes, then open sparring begins (typically 30-60 minutes). Students are not required to spar. Learn more about our jiu jitsu program.


A no-gi jiu jitsu class is held without the gi, sometimes referred to as submission wrestling or grappling. Students wear tighter-fit athletic clothing, including rashguards & grappling shorts / spandex. Instruction typically lasts 60 minutes, then open sparring begins (typically 30-60 minutes). Students are not required to spar. Learn more about our jiu jitsu program.


A wrestling class is centered around wrestling from the feet - getting & defending takedowns and securing pins - specifically in a jiu jitsu context. Read more about our jiu jitsu program.


A class focused on the fundamentals of striking in a variety of disciplines, i.e., boxing, muay thai, and MMA. Read more about our striking classes.


A class focused on the foundational movements & concepts in jiu jitsu that power the rest of the game. There is no open sparring in this class. Great for less experienced students, though upper belts often attend. Fundamentals are everything! What to Know for Your First Class

Competition Class

A fast-paced class with minimal instruction and lots of high-intensity drilling & sparring, intended to prepare students for competition. This class is only recommended for people who have been training steadily for 4+ months. Learn more about our competition jiu jitsu class.

Open Mat

A timeslot where the gym is open for students to spar, drill, study, and practice what they're working on. There is no formal instruction during this time.

Kids' Classes

A class for kids ages 5-15 to get in shape and build their confidence, discipline, & attention skills through jiu jitsu. Instruction typically lasts 45-50 minutes, followed by 10-15 minutes of closely guided sparring. Students are not required to spar. Learn more about our kids' program.

Strength & Conditioning

A class focused around sustainably improving strength, explosivity, cardio and endurance, specifically in a grappling setting. There is a $25 drop-in fee for this class for non Pica Pau members. You can reserve a spot here and pay the drop-in fee here.

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